Game Design Philosophy

The games I want to make and see being made…

… are all about interactivity.
Mechanical challenge or experiential narrative. No wannabe movies.

… enrich players’ lives.
Intrinsically motivated discovery of systemic insight or narrative meaning.

… challenge players.
To think creatively, to master mechanics, or interpret narrative contexts.

… inspire players to learn.
Self-improvement through transparent feedback or empathic narrative.

… are tightly focused.
On a clear, conflict-free vision. Narrative supports system, or vice versa.

… are designed cohesively.
Every element in the game exists in support of its core experience.

… respect the players’ time.
No obvious choices. No passive waiting times. No laborious grind.

… respect the players’ intelligence.
No psychological exploitation. No fake depth. No mindless spectacle.

… advance the medium.
Experimentation over derivative gameplay. Inspire new ways of thinking.

… convey progressive values.
Critical thinking, competence, planfulness, holism, empathy, diversity.

"Games are a way for thought to become visible to itself." (Frank Lantz)

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