Game Design Portfolio – Fabian Fischer

“Fabian’s contributions have been incredibly helpful to me and the teams I’ve worked with. His critical mind, understanding of game design and ability to work constructively with others make him a tremendous asset to any team.”

(Keith Burgun)

My work is fueled by a deep appreciation of the beauty of elegant systems. Hence I aspire to create games that deliver interactive value to players as efficiently as possible.

Below you can find some of the games I worked on. If you’d like to know more, just contact me via email or Facebook!

Crimson Company

“I’m really enjoying the tactical savviness in this one!” (Craig Davies – Ultimate Tabletop Games)

A board-drafting card game about assembling an army of sellswords.

Together with Dario Reinhardt, I envisioned, designed and published the game. As CEO, I was also involved in business decisions, art direction, production processes, marketing and community building.


“Racing games aren’t exactly a novel concept, but Hyperdrome has set itself apart with its interesting tactical mechanics.” (Jessica Famularo – Pocket Gamer)

A tactical battle racing game by northworks Software.

I helped develop the original vision for the game. I was also involved in designing and balancing core gameplay systems as well as many of the included power-up abilities.

Black Hole Vagabond

“Combine tricky gadgets to deal with deceptively adorable moles. Also, explosions. What a game!”

An arena survival roguelike about making use of tricky gadgets.

I designed, programmed and published the game over the course of a few days in a personal game jam.

Travian Kingdoms

“The fact that you are working as a small link in a big chain will certainly appeal to many.” (Mikey Walker – BG Directory)

An MMO strategy game by Travian Games.

I joined the development for open beta. I helped streamline the game and designed several features to improve accessibility and retention, such as achievements, daily quests and an in-game help system.


“In a way, Auro is like a statement: This is what video games could be.” (Samuel Ratchkramer – The Ludite)

A roguelike tactics game by Dinofarm Games.

I was one of the game’s testers. I regularly contributed ideas and gave in-depth feedback about the game’s design and balancing.


“Empire is so tight it squeaks, and I suspect it’s the best game I’ve played this year.” (Owen Faraday – Pocket Tactics)

A 4X deck-building game by Crazy Monkey Studios.

I was one of the game’s testers. I regularly contributed ideas and gave in-depth feedback about the game’s design and balancing.

Experimental Prototypes

Over the years, I designed and programmed various prototypes to explore gameplay concepts and bring specific aspects of game design theory to life. This proved invaluable in refining my design philosophy.

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