Ludomedia #18


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.


Alex Harkey: Evaluating Great Decision Points

  • „Replay Value isn’t simply whether a game can be played multiple times with variety, but whether it is worth playing again at all.“

Gil Hova: Game Design 101

  • „These three words are the most crucial for any game designer: Incentivize interesting behavior!“

Kacem Alexandre Khilaji: Reno Jackson – Getting Richer and Richer

  • „As time passes more and more cards should come out that are, in a way or another, creating redundancy for a deck or another. And as these cards come out, Reno Jackson becomes more and more appealing to every class that gets access to an increasingly diverse toolkit.“

Keith Burgun: Clockwork Game Design Podcast

  • „Art is like any other technology. […] It advances, because we get better guidelines, better criteria.“

Tim Conkling: „Are Games Art?“ and the Intellectual Value of Design

  • „[My new game’s] creation has much less to do with me trying to express ideas about the human condition, and much more about the exploration of a specific design space: short-session, asynchronous multiplayer games with lots of depth. I don’t know or care if my game will be seen as art. But it is an intentionally designed piece, and I care very much that it’s seen as something deserving of intellectual respect.“

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