Ludomedia #19


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Extra Credits: The True Danger of Gamification

  • “Sesame Credit has built a system to get people to enjoy falling into line.”

Jools Watsham: Game Reviews are a Mess

  • “The problem is that the majority of game reviews today are purely opinion pieces based on how it affected a single individual, and not critical studies, digging deeper and going beyond emotions and personal bias.”

Keith Burgun: Why You Need the Clockwork Game

  • “A Clockwork Game is not just like any other videogame or strategy game. It is a single, elegant system, built around a core mechanism, with nothing but the necessary supporting mechanisms and a carefully chosen goal. Through the careful use of this design pattern, we can achieve elegant, super-deep, novel, and super-fun interactive systems.”

Sam Kramer: Casual vs. Hardcore – Settling the Score

  • “Separating everyone by skill level benefits everyone who plays – you learn more from playing against people at your skill level, plus the matches are more exciting! So the next time you rank down in your competitive game of choice, maybe take some solace in the fact that your matches are going to get a little less frustratingly crushing.”

Warren Spector: What Video Games Can Learn from Other Media

  • “The key to the future of gaming lies in moving away from the ways in which we are like other media.”



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