Ludomedia #23


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Extra Credits: Integrating Academia – Experimenting for Better Games

  • „The incentives in current game academia are all wrong.“

George Weidman: The Astounding Absurdity of Minecraft: Story Mode

  • „There’s merit to media that doesn’t patronize kids but rather respects them and Minecraft […] gives a huge amount of respect to players.“

Jared Allen Smith: The Importance of Narrow Game Design

  • „It’s okay that there are games out there that weren’t made with you in mind.“

Josh Bycer: When Game Design Becomes a Grind

  • „Nothing kills the player’s enjoyment of a game more than when it becomes a grind to play.“

Lewis Pulsipher: Why aren’t computer RPGs (especially MMOs) as much FUN to play as old-time D&D?

  • „Fundamentally, then, it may be that these games aren’t as fun as old D&D can be because they are designed to stroke the egos of pseudo-competitive people who think they’ve accomplished something important when they reach maximum level.“

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