Ludomedia #26


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Ashton McAllan: Games Are About Violence

  • “The reason for the abundance of games about physical violence is the fact that it is the simplest or easiest way to introduce this agency and interactivity into the system, taking it from being a toy, puzzle, or competition and to being a game. If you are in a foot race in which you want to reach the finish line before your opponent, and you are allowed to interfere with each other, the simplest solution, barring further consequences, is to murder them.”

David Sirlin: Overwatch’s Ranking Point System

  • “Work with what you have. Work with your generally uncoordinated or lower-skilled teammates and provide them whatever they actually DO need to win. […] Yeah that’s frustrating, but THAT is the way out of Elo hell. Having the system give you a ranking boost for strategies that aren’t resulting in a positive win rate isn’t a good solution.”

Jay Barnson: Games vs. Stories, Revisited

  • “You can have a great game, or a great story, but not both.”

Jim Sterling: Pokemon Go, The Best Worst Pokemon Game Ever

  • “But the hate, those attempting to rouse a backlash against the new hit thing, all the bollocks has been drowned out by what has become a net positive influence on millions of people. And that’s where Pokémon Go has become simultaneously one of the worst and best Pokémon games ever.”

Keith Burgun and Richard Terrell: Broad Statements

  • “What I tried to do with Auro was, I took the roguelike concept and got rid of all that behind-the-scenes spreadsheet stuff and put all the complexity on the board […] instead of a character having hitpoints and armor and attack […] it all comes down to using the screen well.”

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