Ludomedia #28


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Brandon Rym DeCoster & Scott Rubin: The Grind

  • “You only get one life to live and you’re going to spend it pressing A – attack, attack, attack – just so you can see the next video in a Final Fantasy game that you could have watched on YouTube. […] Think of your whole life when you’re doing this.”

Jordan Georgiev: Going Too Big – Simplicity in Indie Games

  • “The more time you spend creating a fluid, satisfying and replayable core experience – the better game you will have. […] So we should spend our time designing the elements our players will spend the most time playing – the main mechanics and the main loops of the game.”

Keith Burgun: Minimize calculation (in games worth playing)

  • “The point is, you do need some degree of determinism in games; some “causal line” that goes from the player’s input and stretches out into the system to some extent. But by using input randomness smartly and carefully selecting the position of the information horizon, you can (and should) reduce the calculate-able (solvable) parts of your game down to a reasonable level.”

Maciej Biedrzycki: Why is selling good games so hard?

  • “Think about No Man’s Sky. They sold millions of copies even though the game was universally criticized by both gamers and the press once it was out. So, if it’s financially better to overpromise and under-deliver, one has to wonder where our industry is heading.”

Richard Garfield: A Game Player’s Manifesto

  • “I believe it is time to send a message to game designers and publishers. As a game player I will not play or promote games that I believe are subsidizing free or inexpensive play with exploitation of addictive players. As a game designer I will no longer work with publishers that are trying to make my designs into skinnerware.”

Jenseits des Tellerrands

Evan Puschak: Breaking Bad – An Episode Of Reactions

  • “What makes drama work, what makes it interesting, isn’t climactic action scenes, or the bombastic declaration of colorful characters, or even big ideas. It’s the succession of reactions that cascade off of every choice.”

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