Ludomedia #37


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Anisa Sanusi: Dark Patterns – How Good UX Can Be Bad UX

  • “Dark Patterns are ultimately a cynical, yet working, method for developers to make quick cash. It’s a short term solution to a financial problem that yields little to no trust from your player base.”

Keith Burgun: Against score systems

  • “Thinking of your game in terms of points, and these short loops of getting points, I think lends itself to a game that repeats many short arcs. […] The inherent nature of ‘gathering points’ is, perhaps, less suited for a strategy game than for a contest.”

Lars Doucet: What I learned playing “SteamProphet”

  • “Each week, dozens of indie games release on Steam, and the vast majority of them will make very little money. And if you don’t get that initial boost of traction, Steam’s discovery algorithms are unlikely to lift you out.”

Michael Ardizzone: Tension and Interesting Decisions

  • “Intuition can take us pretty far, since we all have plenty of experience with tough choices we’ve had to make throughout our lives, in games and out. But the structure of these choices, and how to design such choices in a controlled environment like a game, is seldom discussed in much detail.”

Sid Meier: Designer Notes 26 (Interview)

  • “There’s the whole idea of do you reward mindless clicking, or do you reward intelligent play. I think we said both [in CivWorld], and I think that upset the intelligent players.”

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