Ludomedia #17


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.


Brandon Rym DeCoster & Scott Rubin: Sports are Games

  • „Some eSports aren’t sports!“

Clint Miller: Your Game Has More Rules Than You Think

  • „Every new card is a new rule. Every new rule moves you further away from elegance. A less elegant game is harder to balance and difficult to learn.“

Jair McBain: What design lessons can we learn from Crossy Road?

  • „Put plainly, Crossy Road makes use of brilliant design practice bundled into one experience where it can shine.“

Keith Burgun: My League of Legends Suggestions

  • „It seems like maybe Riot thinks “the important thing” is getting the last hit, when actually the important thing was being in that space choosing to do that thing and controlling the space long enough to get it done.“

Tevis Thompson: The Existential Art

  • „Even in their lightest moments, videogames offer no escape from reality. For what escape can be had? There’s no escaping life, no escaping ourselves, no escaping the end that is coming for us. But if videogames cannot offer an escape from reality, what they can offer is an escape further into reality. Into the reality of striving and failure, of mastery and mystery, of lives and ends.  Into the reality of ourselves. How far are you willing to go?“


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