Ludomedia #29


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Curtiss Murphy: What Makes Great Games Great?

  • “Stick to your core. […] Less is, in fact, more.”

Daniel Cook: Autumn of Indie Game Markets

  • “Games are looking nicer than ever, don’t they? That quality bar keeps creeping higher. With so much work to do, your team is a bit larger. And with so many mouths to feed, it feels riskier to lose everything experimenting on wacky new game mechanics.”

Josh Bycer: Feeling the Frustration of “Fun Pain” Game Design

  • “You need to decide where you want your money to come from: Short-term fun pain/heavily monetized elements, or a long-term plan with a dedicated fan-base.”

Maria Garda & Paweł Grabarczyk: Is Every Indie Game Independent?

  • “We claim that, despite the etymology, the term indie is not just an abbreviation of the term independent.”

Wolfgang Walk: Der Mythos vom “story-driven game”

  • “Der Begriff ‘story-driven game’ meint entweder irgendeinen hanebüchenen Marketing-Unfug – oder er bedeutet etwas, das per definitionem eine der zentralen Eigenschaften eines Games beschädigt und versklavt. […] Man kann ein Game mit der Story genauso gut antreiben wie einen Automotor, indem man an den Rädern dreht!”


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