Ludomedia #30


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Charlie Cade: When To Use Actor Faces in Video Games

  • “There’s also that nagging feeling […] of trying to legitimize the medium by shoehorning stars from a more established one into ours, which I can’t believe we haven’t grown out of yet.”

Katharine Neil: How We Design Games and Why

  • “It is time we returned to this unanswered question of formal, abstract design tools for game design. Until we have the tools to design with our minds and not just with our hands, we are limiting ourselves creatively. In games, these limits include having our creative process held hostage by the oftentimes alienating and frantic churn of the production and testing cycle.”

Keith Burgun: Clockwork Criteria: Guidelines for Ideal Strategy Game Design

  • “There are certainly practical reasons why you might not want a specific game to be a Clockwork game. But to the extent that you want your strategy game to be elegant, you should adopt as many of these principles as possible.”

Samuel Ratchkramer: “How Hard?” More Like “Hard How?”

  • “When the controls occupy less of a player’s headspace, there’s more room for considering a system, the game proper. While the potential is there, designers need to be careful to not squander it by taking all those old shortcuts.”

Soren Johnson: Donald Trump Won Because Of Bad Game Design

  • “Although rules are written to favor certain outcomes, they must be judged not just by what they fix in the best-case (shortening the primaries) but also by what they enable in the worst-case (Donald Trump).”

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