Ludomedia #43


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Charlie Cade: Challenge is the Core of Video Games

  • “As a new fresh medium we can make up our own rules. We can a look at the type of art we’re making and decide what gives it its intrinsic value. […] Shouldn’t you entice new people with what the medium can do differently, rather than by trying to make it more like everything else?”

John Bain: I will now talk about Lootboxes and Gambling for just over 40 minutes

  • “If you actually think that gaming companies were not fully aware […] that they could hook players in more with an unpredictable reward system versus a predictable one, then you might be a little naive.”

Mark Brown: How Game Designers Protect Players From Themselves

  • “Many [players] will simply gravitate towards strategies that will most likey lead to success, regardless of how enjoyable those strategies might actually be. […] But the awesome thing about design is that the game’s developers can tweak things to make sure players approach the game in the way they think would be most interesting.”

Vincent Toups: On the (pseudo?)-paradox of “fair” games.

  • “When we say a game is fair, what we are saying is that the outcome isn’t random, but that it depends, sensitively, on which player makes the better sequence of moves in response to the other player.”

Wolfgang Walk: Spielertypen und Motivation, oder: Wie wir uns selbst in Ketten legen

  • “Spiele, das sollten wir uns jeden Tag beim Aufstehen schon klar machen, stehen erst ganz am Anfang. Irgendein Kolumbus wird eines Tages und vielleicht schon sehr bald Amerika entdecken. Das Ziel muss sein, den ganzen Planeten Spiel zu erobern, sein ganzes Potenzial abzurufen, seinen ganzen Raum für die Menschen nutzbar zu machen.”

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