Ludomedia #44


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Christian Schiffer: Wie das Spiel Wolfenstein 2 die deutsche Geschichte entsorgt

  • “Ausgerechnet in der deutschen Version entsorgt Wolfenstein 2 die Verbrechen der Nationalsozialisten aufs Akkurateste und marginalisiert alles Jüdische. […] Wie kann ein eigentlich antifaschistischen Spiel, ausgerechnet in der deutschen Version zu einem feuchten Traum für Geschichtsrevisionisten mutieren?”

Dominik Abé & Johannes Roth: Postmortem: Shadow Tactics

  • “That’s a dilemma that many developers are facing: going all in and potentially laying off your team is horrible, but so is releasing an unfinished game, because you can never make up for a bad first impression.”

Josh Bycer: How RPG Design has Influenced Action Games

  • “The use of progression-based systems in action games has been one of the biggest design trends of this decade. […] Unfortunately many designers and publishers use this as an excuse to ignore creating meaningful and interesting game systems.”

Josh Menke: Skill, Matchmaking, and Ranking Systems Design

  • “If you’re going to go skill, go all the way. Players who like skill-based systems will love it.”

Keith Burgun: Single Player Competition

  • “I want to create deep, strong single-player strategy games that are as inclusive as possible, as non-toxic as possible, while being as easy as possible for videogame players to hook onto and understand.”

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