Ludomedia #48


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Allegra Frank: This is the group using GDC to bolster game studio unionization efforts

  • “But the thing is, that passion is the perfect medium for employers to exploit us. We’ll do anything to work in games and make games, and they know we’re desperate.”

Frank Lantz: This is Your Brain on Games

  • “Systems literacy involves thinking in models, thinking with math, thinking with logic, using computers, reading and writing software. And it’s different from pictures and stories, which are concrete, vivid time slices of recorded experience. […] We are the R&D department of modernity. We are the artists who think about thinking.”

Ian Dallas: Weaving 13 Prototypes into 1 Game: Lessons from Edith Finch

  • “Instead of trying to make an experience that tracked with the story, we adjusted the story to track better with what the prototype was that we had made.”

Jason Roberts: Gorogoa: The Design of a Cosmic Acrostic

  • “I could rip all the pages out of a great novel and hide them around the city. The novel might be a delightful read. Looking for the pages might be a delightful scavenger hunt. But are those two unrelated delights that I just stuck together? The story of the novel might suffer from pacing issues as you find the pages out of order etc.”

Jason Schreier: It’s Time For Game Developers To Unionize

  • “To accept the status quo means being fine with brutal, unpaid overtime, systemic layoff cycles, and other well-documented industry abuses. […] And the current trajectory of the video game industry seems unsustainable if something doesn’t change.”

Jason VandenBerghe: Drives: Helping More Players Get from First-Taste to Satisfaction

  • “Drives are best used […] in game design to help the player cross the gap from initial taste to long-term satisfaction.”

Justin Ma: Don’t Feed the Min-Maxer (Indie Soapbox)

  • “My problem isn’t that you can game the system by being as efficient as possible. My problem is when it’s specifically not fun to do so.”

Keith Burgun: Against Tactics and the Connect-Four CCG

  • “Maybe tactics games would be better as puzzles. Or maybe as some other form. In terms of the ‘game’ form of my interactive forms, it seems to me that strategy games are just better versions of tactics games.”

Soren Johnson: Know Your Inheritance (Rules of the Game)

  • “At some point you have to step back as a designer and re-evaluate your inheritance. Does the core gameplay survive without the feature? Is the feature unintuitive making the game harder to understand or pick up? Is there a better way for players to be spending their time? […] In the case of creep denial the answers to all of these questions suggest that [Dota 2] would be better off without it.”

Zach Gage: Building Games That Can be Understood at a Glance

  • “You have three standard reads. The first one pulls you in and explains the core of your game. The second one fills in key details or big unintuitive rules. And the third gives you contextually important information or […] rules.”

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