Ludomedia #24


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Anita Sarkeesian: Lingerie is not Armor

  • „Regardless of whatever absurd explanation a game might provide, it should go without saying that the only real functionality of outfits like this is to titillate the presumed young straight male player base.“

Jeffrey Matulef: Combat fatigues: How Uncharted is a walking simulator in action game’s clothing

  • „Sometimes you simply watch cutscenes and have zero input whatsoever. The rest of the time you’re being funnelled through intentionally frictionless scripted puzzles or button-tapping your way through automated platforming sequences. Technically you’re still „playing“ the game, but your agency is left out of your hands.“

Keith Burgun: The Default Number of Players is One

  • „As I said, you can absolutely make a great multiplayer game, and you may have good practical, social, cultural or business-related reasons for doing so. However, it’s unlikely you will have a good game design reason for doing so, since as far as I can tell, while the costs are small, there are no game design benefits at all to making your system multiplayer.“

Mason Miller: Why I’m Loving Overwatch

  • „Orthogonally differentiated game pieces encourage intended strategic play. […] On top of that, Overwatch uses perceived affordances to help players remember what each character does. […] Even in their first few matches, players can use their pre-existing knowledge to make creative and strategic decisions.“

Michail Katkoff: 5 Reasons Why You Want to Quit Clash Royale

  • „Clash Royale lacks the team-play of MOBAs and the depth of card games. The lack of content makes it extremely grindy and random. The lack of events and daily quests make it feel repetitive and stale. It’s also a skill-based game to a certain extent, after which it becomes pretty much pay-to-win. And it’s as much of an esports game as craps with loaded dices is a skill game.“

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