Ludomedia #51


Lesens-, hörens- und sehenswerte Fundstücke aus der Welt der Spiele.

Dustin Connor: What do you mean by ‘Narrative Design’?

  • “Why is a story about love and friendship told mostly through killing enemies? Why is the narrative about experimentation when the system punishes the player for trying new things? What kind of feelings are evoked when players first encounter this mechanic, and what kind of story can I tell that fits it well?”

Elliot George: Games and Drama

  • “Humans are complex, emergent systems, and so the things that matter to us are complex and emergent. […] Even [experience-centric players] are best served by games that offer both engaging novel experiences and engaging, complex systems.

Eric Lagel: Video games, you are killing me

  • “Horror and violent TV shows exist, and the television medium also has been chastised for using violence as a powerful lure, but you can still see many shows that are funny, romantic, instructive, scientific, dramatic, intriguing, that don’t rely on someone shooting someone else to provide valuable and profitable entertainment. This balance doesn’t exist in video games, it seems.”

Nicholas Kinstler: Card Games: A Simple Design is a Good Design

  • “Oftentimes, the reality is that complex cards are either too unfocused to appeal to anyone, too complex to actually work, or too difficult for players to understand.”

Peter Bright: Game companies need to cut the crap—loot boxes are obviously gambling

  • “Loot boxes work like gambling, and they’re designed like gambling. They’re designed to provoke compulsive reward-seeking behavior.”

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